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The 5 best first date ideas

The first date is probably the most important meeting because you will not only spend time and get to know each other, but afterwards the girl will too decide whether she wants to see you again or not.

Apart from your look (outfit etc.) and your behaviour, the location is quite important for the whole impression. There are many locations which are known as typical date location.
The following ideas may help you to find a suitable location for you and your girl:

Classic: Meet in a fancy Café or Bar

Probably the most famous and classic location for the first date is in a Café or a Bar. The advantage of meeting there is the possibility to talk face-to-face in a relaxed surrounding. You can extend or shorten your stay flexible, depending on how the date is going.

Relaxed: Any kind of Cinema

Another popular first date location is a cinema. Maybe you can pimp your date by joining an open air cinema in summer or a drive-in cinema if availalbe. Unfortunately there are little opportunities to talk to each other so maybe you should combine it with a Café or Bar.

Outdoor: Stoll trough the park with a picnic

A picnic is probably something every girl loves. You can prepare some snacks and a blanket and invite her to a park in your neighbourhood. Combined with a walk trough the parkway you can spend a nice, relaxed time outdoor with your date.


A chic dinner in a restaurant is alway a suitable and good idea. You can dress up, act like a gentleman and by the way you have enough time to chat and get to know your date better. You can outgo this idea by cooking the dinner all by yourself. This will catch on much better than going to a restaurant. Be aware of the fact that you have to invite her to your home in case you decide to cook by yourself.

Action: Dancing, (ice) skating, miniature golf

Supposably the most fun during the date is guaranteed by doing something active and sportive. But you definitely have to check if your date enjoys doing sport and being active previously. If she likes it, you have endless possibilities:
go dancing, rent a boat and go rowing on a lake, play miniature golf, go (ice) skating, ride a tandem, …