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Where to meet women?

There are single parties, speed dating platforms and of course – the internet. But the best places where you can meet single women are in fact right under your nose. Everyday places are a perfect option to dating platforms because

1st everybody uses them- also single women

2nd you can act naturally and talk to women in a personal way

While you are walking in the street or waiting in a line you can check your surrounding for a woman that captures your attention and start a conversation with her. It’s just that simple.
Bars, concerts, restaurants and cafés are great places to get in contact with single women as well.
When you address a woman at public spaces make sure you use an honest and polite approach to show her that you are no harm. For example you can address a women in a drug store like this:
“Excuse me, is there a fragrance you can recommend for my mum?” (indirect way, I recommend to go direct by a compliment) After she gave you some advice introduce yourself and start a short conversation. And of course – don’t forget to ask her for her number 😉 Places you are visiting regularly like a club, dance lessons or a cooking class can be great to meet women as well. Look for a woman that pleases you and try to have some eye contact. After that, don’t wait too long to approach her. There are many reasons why waiting too long is not a good idea.


Two such reasons are
1) someone else might make the first step before yourself
2) she’ll think you’re too shy and you don’t have self-confidence

So make sure you speak to the woman you’d like to get to know a little better soon after you had eye contact. When you approach her, use an ice breaker and keep it amusing and sincere.

For example:

You are in a coffee shop and you see a woman that attracts you: offer her cookies, present yourself and ask if you can join her for a coffee.

Places that you don’t regularly find yourself in, but because you’re among friends or family, meeting a woman can be quite simple, too. At weddings, parties and friendly get-togethers you can just ask someone if she’s available. If so, request to be presented. Also ask the person who introduces you to say something about you she might find interesting.

For example:
“Hey Mary, I want you to meet David. He’s also into photography.”
Notice: There is no “the” place where you can meet single women. The right place is where you see a woman that captures your attention. You can approach any woman in any place as long as you have the right timing and you do it with confidence and respect.

Good luck on your pickup journey.