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What is important in the life of a girl?

Why do women act like they actually act and what is really important in the life of a women? Since every man knows: Girls are a mystery. Of course, nobody can answer why people behave like they do so let’s focus on the question what’s important for girls.

Sure, family and friends are important for everyone. For girls family is one of the most important part of their life. Both parents and of course siblings are persons in a position of trust and play a major role when a girl has to come to an important decision.

Certainly the best friend is always indispensable. The best friend always stands by your side. Whether you call him/her at 02.00 am because you need someone to talk your best friend is going to help.

Another important thing in the life of a girl is independence. We’re not in the 1930’s any more: women want to stand on one’s own feet financially as well as being independent from their partner.

Furthermore, career and education is important for girls, too. But making money is not the only reason why girls want to start a career. A job you can enjoy and is even sometimes fun can actually make your live more liveable.

But in spite of career and friends a lot of girls are not completely happy with their life.

What really counts is – exactly – a good relationship. But what do women expect from a relationship?

A woman expects that her partner listens and shows that he cares about her. In opposite to men who tend to give short answers women like to analyse their problems from different perspectives and sometimes women just want to talk about their feelings without expecting getting a solution from you.

When you’re in a relationship don’t miss to tell or show her that she is your number one. Women love to get attention from their partner. A little kiss before you go or planning to do something together is what a women wants in a relationship.

But the most important thing a woman expects from her partner is to be honest. Being honest about your feelings and showing what you feel is essential for a happy relationship.