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The 10 craziest PUA Openers

A funny and crazy collection of pickup artist opener, which you might use. They are not for everyone, but I hope these openers will inspire your creativity in talking to beautiful girls. Always say what you see and bring some fun in the conversation.

1. “Hey, are you good at accepting compliments from complete strangers?” (yeah) “Sweet, me too. You go first, compliment me.”

2. (When it is raining, walk up next to her and put umbrella over both of you) “Here, have some coverage. Hey, I just saved your bad hair day from getting worse, you owe me! Give me your number.”

3. “Are you shy or something? Because I have been standing here for around ten minutes and you still have not said Hi to me.”

4. “Every time I go some place women get all shy around me, since I am such a good-looking, sexy man… As you can see.”

5. “I’ll bet you only shaved one leg to wear that skirt…or did you shave both legs? Prove it! Is your other leg as sexy as this one?” (Get her to let you feel the other leg to make sure it’s shaved)

6. To a girl who wears slit skirts or pants “You POOR THING! Your pants/ skirt is all ripped up the side/ back!! You look like you were attacked by a Yorkie! Come on, we gotta get you new clothes!” (grab arm)

7. ” What a cute ring (or watch or whatever)! Did you get that with the kids meal at McDonalds?”

8. “Wow, that’s a huge purse. You don’t have some little dog named Precious in there, do you?”

9. You’re standing behind a girl who’s reading a newspaper or magazine. Read it over her shoulder, and as soon as she turns the page say “Hey wait, I’m not done reading that yet!” If she apologizes say ” I forgive you.” Wait a second then say “OKAY, you can turn the page now. Do you always read magazines/ crap newspapers like this? You seemed a lot more intellectual than that…”

10. (Woman walking behind you or standing behind you) “Hey are you staring at my ass??”