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How to find a girlfriend


The more people you meet, the bigger variety of choice you’ll have. Sign up for activities that sound fun to you and to be picky about who you meet. You never know what character hides behind the visual mask of someone or what connections to other people the person has.

Be cooperative and kind

Help the people in your surrounding and be kind. If you see someone who could need your help, for example by carrying something heavy, don’t hesitate to take the initiative. You may meet new people by being helpful and cooperative or maybe there is an attractive girl nearby which gained a positive impression of you while helping others.

Take care of your physical appearance

Needless to say and probably the most important aspect is your physical appearance. How should a girl love you if you don’t even love yourself enough to take care of your body?

So shower regularly, use deodorant, brush your teeth, style your hair and dress appropriate in clean, unwrinkled clothes in which you feel comfortable.

Always be yourself

Don’t cover behind a mask of kindness or act like you are someone else. You can’t keep that mask forever and in the long-term it wouldn’t fulfil you with happiness. If she makes jokes you don’t share, don’t fake a laugh. Women can feel dishonesty. When you come to a point where you find out you have completely contrary opinions of life, tell her! Be honest and sincere. Yourself will thank you when you meet that one girl with whom you can be totally yourself and feel comfortable in every matter.

Avoid falling into the friend zone

Keep your friendships slightly flirty in order to avoid falling in to the friend zone. Sometimes girls need a little reminder that you are a potential partner and not another friend. It will help both of you to help the girl categorizing your relationship. Long-term, she won’t see you as a good friend but she will even propose a date.

Practise approaching girls

You have to practise talking to girls like it’s a sport. If you train, you’ll get better. The more girls you approach, the more relaxed you will get in talking to beautiful girls. The day will come where your breath will be taken by a beautiful girl. And when this moment has come, you will be prepared, self-confident and ready to approach her and convince her of your character. Far no master has fallen from the sky!

Don’t be afraid to fail

Negative energy and the fear of rejection can restrict yourself massively. Stay optimistic, behave and feel self-confident and don’t make excuses by saying „she’s probably in a relationship“ or „she’s busy anyway“. If you never try, you’ll never know. Give yourself as well as your destiny a try and you will see that courage pays off. Always remember: her worst reaction would be a simple „No, thanks“.