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What to expect from a daygame bootcamp?

A daygame bootcamp is a simple and intense way to learn how to approach women in public. It is an entertaining mixture of theory and practice that can improve your skills a lot.

Mostly a dating coach teaches 2 or 3 students, so that every student has the chance to be in a „set“. A so called „set“ is a pickup-conversation between a man and a beautiful woman, he feels attracted to. Students have the chance to interact as a group and to learn from the dating coaches personally.


The average costs are about 1,000 Pounds for a weekend and every penny is worth it. Because learning in such a dynamic group atmosphere can be motivative and fun. In general a bootcamp can take 2 days and offers roughly 16 to 20 hours of practice (in general about 8 hours per Day with a mixture of theory and infield daygame practice).

Some dating companies also offer a „nightgame bootcamp“, this package would include going out with the coaches by night and talking to women in a club or even speak to girls in a bar. In the nightgame section, every guy also has the chance to get a personal feedback from his coach in different live situations or locations. These locations ranges from bars, cafés, shops, shopping malls to clubs. Girls are going out everywhere, especially at the weekends, when bootcamps usually take place.

A daygame bootcamp can be booked in big cities all around Europe and the entire World (depends on the coach), it has to be a bigger city with at least 500.000 citizens, even better are cities with more than a million people living there. Date coaches choose bigger city for interacting to make sure it stays anonymous and there are enough opportunities to practice daygame or nightgame. Enough opportunities means enough women for every bootcamp participant and enough locations to practice your gaming skills.

bootcamps: learn how to approach women

Attention! Some professional daygame coaches offer money-back guarantee for clients that are unsatisfied with the bootcamp and can prove they were not able to improve their social dynamics by talking to girls or take any advantages for the sake of the coach.