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Approaching Anxiety and how to deal with it

We all know this feeling when we see a super hot girl, maybe she looks at us, but we are too scared to talk to her and do not take the opportunity to talk to her. It gives us a bad feeling, because we do not know the outcome, if we had talked to her.

But what does anxiety mean in general? Is it really so bad and therefore we should not approach a girl?

In general anxiety is a feeling of worry or can be described as a nervousness. It is just a feeling about something with an uncertain outcome (in daygame: how will the girl react? Will she like me? In nightgame: am I the coolest guy in the club or just a nerd she is laughing about?). In terms of approaching a girl, your heart beat goes up and sometimes your words are frozen and you cant say anything.

But you can relax. Scientists say we are all born with only two natural fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every man has this approaching anxiety when they want to speak to a hot girl they like, even experienced daygamers feel it. They have just accepted it and know how to deal with it.

But how can we deal with approaching anxiety? Lets transform this feeling of anxiety.

Personally I see this anxiety as a readiness. So for me approaching anxiety is just as a readiness to approach a hot girl I like! It is similar to the anxiety of rock stars when they go on stage. It is their readiness to perform! See your approaching anxiety as your readiness to approach girls you like and perform in the conversation!

So next time, take the opportunity to speak to a beautiful girl when you are out in the streets doing daygame with your wings, even at work, in a bar or in nightgame.

An easy way to do this just count to 3 (1, 2, 3) in your head when you want to approach a woman and you see yourself already talking to her. Just let the conversation flow. I recommend to speak to at least 5 girls a day. It helped me a lot at the beginning several years ago. Just remember: Practice makes perfect.

GOOD LUCK GUYS AND SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON MY BLOG. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety