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7 reasons to start daygame

I don’t have to mention the high number of girls you will get to know because literally that’s one of the main reasons and too the expected consequence of starting daygame.
Apart from the possibility of finding the love of your life during all those talks and living happily ever after with her, there are many more reasons for starting this social dynamics adventure.

No rules, no equipment, full flexibility

You neither need any equipment or special clothing nor any special time and place. You can start where ever you are, when ever you want. That makes it so super easy and

Daygame – your new hobby

By starting daygame you gain a complete new hobby. In the future you will use your time much more expedient and wise by spending your freetime outside, meeting new people (“socialising”) instead of sitting at home alone watching series or playing video games. How can video games improve you current situation? Right, they can’t.

More Successful than with Tinder and co.

The majority of men would never approach a girl in public. They prefer texting them on social media platforms where they can hide behind their digital profile. But it’s so easy to confront a girl face-to-face with a friendly compliment on the street and by the way it’s a pleasant contrast to all those clumsy texts they receive on social media.
You can easily stand out from the rest by leaving a personal, likeable impression as well as a smile in the girls face. That makes daygame so much more successful than any social media platform.

Improve your personal skills

Apart from meeting new people, you can profit personally from practicing the daygame. The process of approaching beautiful girls gives you more and more self-confidence as well as an improving knowledge of human nature and their behaviour. By the time you develop a sense for communicating with different types of women what makes your character more open and communicative. Maybe you will even find yourself talking to people you would have never approached before because you had several prejudices stuck in you head which balked you until now.

Profit from your new aura (“The Alpha Guy”)

Naturally you can profit from your new qualities in every other circumstance in life. No matter if you are an employee in a company or a freelancer running your own business. In the future you will present yourself much more self-confident, extroverted and convincing. Dealing with different types of people and communicating successfully is very important in order to run a business effective, lead employees or to manage customer services.

Back to Face-to-Face

Probably the most convincing and required reason for starting daygame is the favour you do our whole society by taking part in the movement against digitisation and the slow process of drifting apart. Today literally everything is digitized and the personal contact between people in slightly every circumstance is displaced to social media platforms, messengers and other technical devises. We unlearn the direct contact to others, dealing with feelings, talking about them and giving insights behind our digital mask. So go out and make the world more open and connected, back to here it was before digitisation took over.

Getting more girls in your life!

Enjoy daygame with all your heart and always give value. It will bring you incredible experiences and much more girls in your life as you could have ever dreamed of.

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