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What women care about most?

„Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart“

According to this quote, there are two categories of interest. On the one hand, a woman cares about optical indicators, like your look and your style. On the other hand, and probably thought longtermed, important factors are your character, your attitude towards life and your personal values.

You can even array the different indicators chronologically:

For the first impression, your look is the most important factor. Ideally you have a neat appearance, wear tidy and clean clothes, have a good scent and styled hair. Of course it is also important that you behave self-confident and try to keep this selfconfident manner. Nothing is more uninteresting and boring than a man who isn’t sure what he wants!

Needless to say, you should keep that neat appearance long-term. Your appearance decides whether a girl is interested or not!

After you attracted the girls eye, you have to capture her heart. Therefore many factors are important. It is difficult to define the perfect attitude towards life to make sure it meets the requirements of the girl. Everybody has its own attitude towards life, special characteristics and different experiences with life. It may be the best to get to know her better by talking about important points like the expections on friendships/relationships, general goals in life etc. in order to see if your attitude harmonizes. After you have a stable base of confidence, you can exchange your personal expericences, no matter if they’re positive or negative. It will help you to understand the behaviour and dealing of each other.
In general, the best advice is to talk as much as you can:
About your feelings, your life, your expectations and the goals you struggle for. In case you come to a point where you find out that the attitude of the girl doesn’t harmonize with your attitude, be honest with her and yourself. Long-term, it won’t help both of you if the relation doesn’t fulfill your needs and prerequisites.