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What characters do girls like?

This is the question that every man will raise some day: What do girls like? What characters do men have who attract the most beautiful girls? There are many widespread opinions about how men should behave towards girls. They should be kind, lovable, courteous, making compliments, but also handsome, good-looking, strong and sporty.
Movies and books show us perfect examples, how men should be. However in reality every girl thinks in a different manner and has her own preferences.

Let us describe three examples of typical characters girls may like:

The gentleman

Of course nearly every girl likes men who act like a real gentleman. This may sound oldfashioned, but girls love it if they are treated like a special person. The gentleman is very well-mannered, buys flowers for his girl, holds the door open, puts out a chair for her at the restaurant, offers to carry her purse and so on. He is romantic, too. He takes her out for a picnic and kisses her under the stars. The girls like it, because they want to feel protected and comforted. But be careful, that it won’t be too much and the girl may be bored.

The successful man

Another character that girls like is the successful man. He is intelligent, has a great job, earns a lot of money, always has focused goals and knows how to reach them. He also knows how to handle with girls and what they like to hear. Girls like his smart and funny nature. They like it if a man is independent and is able to take care of his girl. Be selfconfident, but stay natural, so don’t be a poser!

The passionate man

Some girls like the daring, daredevil, rude types of men. But only, if they are really passionate and desirous, too. A girl wants to be seduced and conquered. If they know that they can experience an adventure with you, they will like you. Your courage and decisiveness will impress them, too. But don’t exaggerate! Always treat the girls well and fair and respect her feelings! In fact, the men of every girl’s dream has to have a little of all of these characters. The most important thing for every girl is that you are honest, trustworthy, understanding and respect her as she is. Then it’s not necessary at all to be a good looking guy.