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10 best daygame openers

There are many different kinds of daygame openers. Some are funny, some are even brush and provoking. Usually it depends on the situation, the environment and probably the girl you want to approach. Needless to say, it is essential to keep an self-confident manner in ordner to leave a convincing mark.


• Compliment:
„Hi, i know this is a little cheesy, but i’ve seen you and you are too cute! I had to at least
say HI!“
• Ask for directions ( I don’t recommend to go indirect, but for some of my students it is a good start)
„Excuse me, could you please help me, i am looking for XY, do you know the direction?“

• In a shopping mall
„Do you think this would look good/bad on me/ Is this style in/etc?“

• Ask for the time
„Excuse me, do you know the time?“

Funny and entertaining

• Entertaining compliment
„Excuse me, am I dreaming or do I see cinderella in front of me?“

• Funny question with background
“Excuse me, I need your help with something, lets say you are this (describe yourself) and your talking to this (describe her) what would you say if you wanted to approach her?”

• Comment on her nationality
„You look like a typical italian girl, with your long brown hair and your tanned skin! Where are you from?

• Mistaken Identity
„Hey Mary, how’ve you been?“ (eventhough she’s a stranger, pretend like you know her)

• Fake Drop
Prepare something really funny you can drop near the girl. Then ask her „Did you drop
this?“ as an obvious joke.

• In a cafe: Tease her about her order
If she orders something special, make fun of her order. E.g. if she wants an extra sweetened tea, ask her „Are you sure you don’t need more sugar?“ – Be careful and make it obvious you are joking!