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How to attract a girl

„Diamonds are girls best friends“ – This quote is a widespread assumption about the secret of attracting girls. In reality, these superficial factors like money, an expensive car etc. are not important at all. What matters is your behaviour, how you treat a girl and how you show her you like her. Just be yourself!

Be self-confident

Nothing is more uninteresting and boring than a man how doesn’t know what he wants. Show your girl your self esteem and tell her about your goals and plans in life. Needless to say, show her what you want most: her! Girls want to feel unique and ensnared. Impress her with a gentle manner, pay attention to her, tell her what you like about her and make her feel respected.

Take care of you and your appearance

Personal hygiene and clean clothes are very important for a positive impression. How should a girl like you if you don’t even like your self enough to take care of your body? Use deodorant, shower regulary, brush your teeth and don’t overdo using perfume and gel for your hair.

Ask her questions and listen to her

By talking about her life, her hobbies and her family, you do not only get to know her better, but you also show her that you are interested in her issues. Ask her where she grew up and what is important for her, and much more important, listen to her answer. Pay attention, be responsive to her statements and respect her opinion as it is! By giving her space to open herself up, she will feel accepted and respected.

Find things you have in common

By finding hobbies, opinions or habits you both share, you will have enough topics to talk about. Both of you will feel much more comfortable by finding things you have in common because you will feel understood what creates a good base for a stable relation of confidence.

Leave her enough space

By asking her to spend time together, you will underline your interest. Spending time and getting to know each other is important for a stable relation. But be careful to leave enough space and time in order to prevent a feeling of guilt. If you set rules and are too jealous when you aren’t around her, you ban her and make her feel controlled. Trust her and give her time for herself.