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7 Dating Tips for Men

1.. Be prepared

The first impression is always the most important. When you have a date make sure you wear a suitable outfit, check your teeth and nails, have a haircut and turn up on time. Looking good will also improve your self-assurance and makes you look more confident. So suit up, guys!

2. Get a second opinion

When you’re not sure about your appearance or your outfit don’t be shy and ask a friend. Getting a second opinion from someone you trust can help to improve your dating skills. With a help from your friend you can meet your date without bothering about your look or your appearance. A second opinion from a friend can do wonders!

3. Meet somewhere where you feel comfortable

When it comes to decide where to meet your date take the initiative and pick a place where you feel convenient. But try to avoid setting your first date to your normal Saturday night pub. When your mates are at the pub the same time it could distract you but your date needs your full attention!

4. Be a gentleman

When you are on a first date don’t forget your manners! Don’t forget to open the door as she walks through or offer to give her your jacket when it’s cold. When you think she’s beautiful tell her. Women love to get compliments but don’t exaggerate.

5. Keep it fun

Of course, everyone needs to be serious sometimes but not when you’re just getting to know each other. Try to have some fun on your first date and keep it fun and casual. Humour is sexy!

6. Avoid to talk about your ex

Your date won’t be interested in why you quit with your ex. If she comes up with the ex conversation show her that your ex is your past. Now you want to spend some time with her and getting to know her.

7. Pay attention to her

Ask questions and show you’re interested in her life and her hobbies. You shouldn’t do all the talking. Try to keep your answers short and concise. This avoids boring your date. If the date goes well there are other opportunities to share your stories in future. Furthermore, listening is very important to show your interest. Therefore try to avoid looking at your phone or your watch the entire time, too.