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10 great Assumptions in Daygame

The general intension behind assumptions in daygame is the motto „say what you see“. It’s an easy way to approach a girl and usually creates a fun atmosphere. By making fun of a girl or
commenting on her look or behavior, you have to respect that it can seem insulting or brush. So be careful and make it obvious that you are joking!

Funny assumptions

• If she is carrying a big bag you can make fun of her by saying „Oh you look like a robber!
Did you just steal a lot of money from the bank?“
• If she is wearing any specific kind of clothing, comment on it:
◦ Sporty outfit: „Oh you look like an olympic athlete, which discipline do you practise?“
◦ Furry jacket: „With your warm furry jacket you look like a rural farm worker! Where are
you from?“
◦ Hat: „You look like an elegant british lady with this hat on! Where are you from?“
◦ Colourful: „With that colourful outfit you look like a real hippie! Do you like festivals?“
• Refer your assumptions to animals
◦ „You remind me of a naughty squirrel, with that grin and your piercing glance!“
◦ „With your dark brown big eyes, you remind me of a innocent little deer!“

Serious assumptions

• Refer your assumptions to her nationality
◦ „You look swedish with your blonde long hair! Are you from Stockholm?“
◦ „Your brown hair and eyes and your tanned skin are so typical for italian women! Are
you from Rome?“
• Comment on her clothing in a serious, polite way
◦ „With your classy-looking outfit and your perfect make up you look like a serious
business woman! Are you a lawyer?“
◦ „You look so elegant with your beautiful dress! What are your plans? Are you joining an