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Why daygame will change your life

Daygame is still a mystery to a lot of guys and maybe many of your friends have never heard about it. But is more powerful than any other kind of dating advice, because it will bring you many new girls in your life whenever you are out. Besides, it is so much fun and challenging that it will make you a different person.

You grow as a person. It is always about giving value to the woman (e.g. giving a genuine compliment). If you don’t give value, you will possibly benefit in the short-term but you will definitely loose in the long-term.

You improve your communication skills, which help you in each aspect of your life. You will know who to deal with people and how to react to people.

You become the alpha guy for sure. As by trial and error you will find a way to exploit your maximal potential. Challenges will help you to grow and overcome fear, which is anyway mainly illusive.

Daygame will have a huge impact and positive influence on your daily schedule. Whether you are working in a company, study or you are self-employed. Daygame gives you fulfilment through giving value. Being in a good mood, talking to people and socialising makes us happy as we are social animals. It is very important to influence your social circle with a open body language and an optimistic smile in your face (colleagues from work, friends and family). We like to be around people although nowadays we are more focused on watching TV, surfing in the internet, playing computer games or jerking off to some porn.

Well you might cum, but wouldn’t it be better to pleasure a woman, having more sex and you both experience this ecstasy moment together!?

I was in this porn is nice, but does not make me happy“ situation as well, believe me and I was not happy at all. No girls, no sex and being in a depressive mood. When I started daygame, I became more structured, focused with more concentration on my goals and made new friends. Thanks to pickup my socialising began and it felt great.

Social media does not give you the things for which you are looking for. But a good conversation with a beautiful girl in the streets or more girls, if you are more advanced and speak to 2sets or even groups, will make your day. I promise! Daygame makes you more reflective, which means you think more about your life and which goals you want to achieve. Daygamers enjoy life in every moment. It keeps you in the present, which is the best feeling you can have.

I started daygame in 2004, travelling around the world with my 2 wings, meeting new people. It was awesome and changed my life to the positive. For example in 2013 while on a world tour with my best wing Bastian Bach, I approached about more than 600 girls, had 149 dates and slept with 54 girls. Nowadays we teach students how to seduce girls in daygame bootcamps around the globe, mainly in Europe.

Always remember daygame makes it very easy for you to meet the women you like and the women you feel attracted to. For sure you will meet more girls than you have ever met before.

Start daygame today, it will definitely change your life to the better.