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7 signals that she is into you

When you approach a beautiful girl you might not know if she likes you or not. Therefore it would be good to know some signals, which show you whether she is interested in you or not.

There are 3 types of girls: You have to find out in the conversation, whether she is a yes girl, a maybe girl or a no girl. In pickup or especially daygame, we are mainly focused on the yes and the maybe girls. After a few hundred approaches you can quickly tell into which category this beautiful woman, you have just approached, fits in most likely.

The no girls simply just might not like you, because you are not there type of guy she wants to be with. There is no chemistry (sexual tension) in the conversation or she is even married and has kids (although this reason could be true for a maybe girl as well). No girls will show you quickly that they are not into you.

Lets focus on the maybe and yes girls and the signals that they are into you.

1. deep eye contact: If the girl looks you deep in your eyes, stay strong and keep the eye contact. Enjoy this powerful and sensual moment. It is a great signal that you might meet her again or even go for an instant date.

2. Open body language: She moves your upper body towards your and is standing with her legs in a comfortable way like when she talks to her friends or family.

3. Laughs about your jokes: She might be laughing about your jokes even if they are not funny. Keep the conversation going, you are already having a vibe with her and close strong at the end of the conversation.

4. Body contact is fine for her: You can shake her hand while you introduce yourself and continue doing this for 10 seconds or even more. It is a funny way to break the ice and get a vibe into the conversation.

5. Tooses her hair: Shewants to show you her face and how pretty she is. This signal is subconscious and you can see many women doing it every day.

6. Asking questions about you: Good examples are Where are you from? What are you doing here / today? What is your name? Are you a student? She invests in the conversation and feels comfortable in your presence.

7. Continues the conversation: Even in a silent moment, she continues the conversation by talking about anything she likes to talk about. She is in a happy mood and does not want to leave. This is a great signal and it is time for an instant coffee or even moreā€¦

Overcoming your approach anxiety was worth it to experience these great signals the girl showed you. Of course there are many more signals which often are of subconscious character. I just wanted to outline some important ones that can help you in your daily daygame experience.

Now you are one step further in your PUA training and know how to read their conscious and subconscious signals.

Good luck with your pickup experience.

Mats Wolf