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How to get hot girls as a fat guy?

November 2015. Cold weather in Eastern Europe, no sports, delicious food and beautiful girls. I was too lazy to go to the gym, although I love doing sports. I was a fat guy with hamster cheeks, but I felt great and winter could come.

I was daygaming and nightgaming with my best wing in Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Kiev, Odessa (very disappointing for a 1 million people city cause there are too many stripclubs around and mostly old people) and a small city called Lublin close to the Ukrainian border.

Gaming as a fat guy in 2015


This infield report is about a 18 year old Ukrainian student I approached during daytime at the university. I suddenly saw her and she was totally my type of girl. In my opinion a 9.2 smiling like an angel, with huge charisma, perfect skinny legs and a cute model face. She would definitely be a model, if she was taller than 1.65 m. I front-stopped her spontaneously (usually I let the woman pass and go around) because she walking right behind another girl. I told her that I really like the way she is walking in this sexy high heels and she was laughing. We had an instant vibe and were talking about clothes, fashion in general and she asked me questions what I was doing in Lublin as it is such a boring city.

She gave me some IOI’s (for daygame and pickup newbies = indicators of interest) like smiling at me and tossing her hair to look even better… We went on an instant date, as she finished her university classes. We talked about her studies, our plans of the future and family&friends (I forgot to tell her that I want to continue my world tour for pickup). We kissed each other and met next day at my place. I made some food, we watched a movie and had sensual sex later on. In my opinion:

Looks do not matter: just game!

I just wanna share this short infield report for all guys who think looks do matter. Look at me, I was heavily over-weighted, but with good game, humour and charisma you can get any girl you want and feel attracted to. It just depends on how you feel and if you are happy with yourself. The inner game (self-confidence and being the alpha guy) is as important as the outer game (pickup skills, body language and honesty).

May the odds be in your favour Good luck