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Conversation Guide Daygame Simple Pickup

Hey guys,

in this pickup conversation guide I want to summarize some main points for you. If you are new to daygame it will help you.

First you should start with an opener, like “Excuse me, sorry stop!” with a friendly, but dominant voice tonality. The next step would be a compliment, e.g. “You look really nice”. and followed by saying what you see: “I like your yellow shoes”

Most important in daygame is honesty. Women can feel it and love genuine, honest men.

Then you can make the conversation more interesting by making assumptions about her. Here are some examples:

You look Swedish (when she has blonde hair). / You look Spanish (when she has dark hair)

You seem to be a student / You look like a sports girl / You seem like a business woman.

She will invest in the conversation by either denying or confirming your assumptions. In my infields girls asked me “Where are you from? or What is your name?” So she starts investing, if she asks you questions about yourself.

Lead the conversation by letting her talk. A good daygame session should be more than 80 % about her.

Daygame beginners will often ask questions and advanced daygamers mainly use assumptions to keep the conversation more interesting. As human beings, we are more egoistic than we think. Therefore we all love conversations where we primarily talk about us. There is no perfect time frame for a conversation, but I recommend to talk at least 5 minutes up to an instant date or instant lay. At the end you have to close strong if you are busy otherwise take her direct for a coffee to get to know her even better (number or nowadays facebook), e.g. “What are your plans now? (instant coffee date) or Let’s do this: We exchange numbers and go for a coffee one day. (if you or she is busy)

To sum it all up: A good daygame conversation would consist of an opener (say what you see and be honest), followed by a compliment, assumptions about her, letting her invest in the conversation by asking questions about you, talking about random things in her life and finally a strong close, when you can feel the vibe in the conversation.

Be creative and mainly say what you see. Each conversation is unique. Always be positive, smile, pay attention to your body language and keep strong, sensual eye-contact with the girl.

I am looking forward to your feedback. Good luck and see you next time on my dating advice blog