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My favourite top 10 daygame cities worldwide #1 (rank 10 to 6)

10th rank is charming Prague: I love daygaming in Prague, although it is not my favourite Eastern European city for pickup. You will meet hot, thin and tall Czech girls in Prague, who are very communicative and friendly. My favourite mall is Palladium, followed by Slovansky dum and Vinohradsky Mall. Around the university you will meet beautiful girls and in old town also chic tourists. The Czech capital with its great historical bridges reminds me of some Bavarian cities close to my German hometown. I always love being in Prague, especially on our daygame bootcamps, which are always inspiring and a lot of fun.

9th is Managua: Among most daygamers Managua is unknown. That’s why the Nicaraguan capital is so attractive for a pickup trip. If you like to meet hot latin girls, you should check out the Malls Galerias Santo Domingo (more high class girls) and Metrocentro. Managuan girls are super sexy, easy going and friendly. I have been to Managua on our central and Latin American tour in 2015 and really enjoyed it. Best nightgame spots are Chaman Bar and the party area in Galerias. If you want to meet foreign girls and can not speak some Spanish, check out the surfspots San Juan del Sur and the historical town of Granada.

8th rank New York City (NYC): This vibing American megacity is impressive and so are the New York girls I met so far. I usually approach girls on Union square and famous Times Square in Manhattan, because there is so much traffic of beautiful girls. As it is a multicultural city, you will meet a lot of foreign girls from all over the world. If it is summer, I recommend to approach women in Central Park. In wintertime Malls, like King’s Plaza shopping centre, Queens centre and the Manhattan Mall are great places to do daygame.

7th Moscow: For alpha guys, Moscow is the right place to be. Russian women and especially metropolitan girls from Moscow love guys, who lead them and know what they want. You can have amazing memories and adventures with Russian women. They are very open-minded to foreigners and like to have fun with you, although they are a little bit offish when you first approach girls from Moscow. I recommend to talk to girls in Kievskaya, a shopping mall with a nice food court and lots of beautiful girls. Two other great malls for daygame are Metropolis and Petrovsky Passage. Use the astonishing metro, the most beautiful I have seen so far, it is fast and convenient.

6th Kiev: As in my opinion Ukrainian girls are slightly hotter, I prefer daygame in the Ukrainian capital. Kiev was a safe place and I stayed many times close to the Maidan, where most of the shopping malls are in walking distance. My favourite malls are Gulliver, Metrogard and Ukraina shopping mall. You can daygame around all the streets which connect the malls. Another big advantage are the low living costs. Kiev is much cheaper than Moscow and in general Ukrainian cities are much cheaper than Russian cities. In Moscow you can spend twice up to three times as much as in Kiev per month (4.000 US-$ in comparison to 1.300 – 1.800 US-$).

In all cities you will have some good daygame spots in malls and their surrounding streets. My ranking is mostly based on the beauty of girls you approach in these cities and the success rate for dating them. Drop me a post and I am looking forward to your feedback.

Let me know what are your favourite cities for daygame, nightgame and pickup in general.


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