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Mentality of Eastern European girls

On my world tour I had sex with Russian, Ukrainian, Czech republic, Polish, Slovakian, Bulgarian and Hungarian girls. In general Eastern European girls all have one thing in common: they are extremely beautiful, take care of their body and never leave house without make-up. Although there are many natural beauties walking around the streets in whole Eastern Europe. Don’t get me wrong, but in comparison to other girls I met on my pickup journey, they care a little bit more about themselves in terms of their outer appearance.

Let’s talk in more detail about their mentality: at home they are mostly treated like princesses and therefore you have to have a more friendly game than in other parts of the world. Most eastern European men do not know game at all and so you have endless opportunities to get in touch with these beauties. Princesses like to be entertained so if you are funny, you will definitely gonna win their hearts. With humour you can get easily into their world and have a great time with them.

As alcoholism, especially male alcoholism, is a big problem in Eastern Europe, girls might be a little bit introverted and waried of strangers, but this is due to their education at home that they have to take of themselves in this sometimes not so safe countries.

feminine, sensual and loving

As they live in male dominated societies, girls might seem a little bit rough, but in my approaches, dates and lays they have always been very friendly and in terms of sex very sensual and loving. They are very feminine, they like to meet an alpha guy who knows what he wants and leads them

Further important considerations about Eastern European girls:

They are no sluts. One night stands are not so famous as in other countries around the globe, although I had some during nightgame. During daygame you first will get to know the girls on an instant date and take her to your place most likely on the second or third date.

They are not so chatty as girls from other regions and keep sexual affairs for themselves. I met some hot eastern European girls who had boyfriends and just wanted to have a sexual adventure. They did not share their secret with their best friends, as they would be in a bad odour.

familiar and active girls

They are very familiar and want to spend a lot of time with their family and friends. Eastern European girls like to spend their Sundays with their family, so in my opinion best days for daygame are Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For nightgame I recommend especially Fridays and Saturdays as during the week club game is very low.

princesses like to find their prince charming

They are very active girls and you can have a lot of fun with them. They are open-minded to foreigners and want to spend their freetime outside in caf├ęs, bars and restaurants, when they first meet you. As all princesses, they like to find their prince charming. It depends whether you are looking for a girlfriend or just having fun on your trip in Eastern Europe. Eastern European girls are one of my top choices for both.

My favourite top 5 eastern European cities are Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and Kiev.

Good luck on your pickup journey.

Mats Wolf