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Impressions First half-year 2016

Hey Guys,

the first six months in 2016 were epic! Me and my team were travelling to Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Russia, Austria, France, Netherlands and Switzerland for bootcamps and personalised coachings.

Our statistic so far for the first half-year in 2016:

Nightgame and daygame pua bootcamp participants: 61

1-to-1 Personalised date Coachings: 29

1-to-1 Skype Coachings: 37


Let’s have a look at some of my daygame approaches…

A picture says more than a thousand words.

(Chinese Proverb)


Stewardess from Russia, met her in Hamburg. We met up for an date, but she had to leave with her airline a few hours later.


French Girl I approached in Paris, some textgame, no date.




British girl I talked to in London. Super friendly, instant vibe, really liked her smile and charisma. We set up a date after her work, talked about our gym sessions (I love gym girls!). Could take her to my apartment.


German student I met in Berlin. Some texts, no date.


Swedish girl I met in Helsinki on our free day before our Nordic European Bootcamp. I love girls from Finland, they are charismatic and smart. We had a date the following day. Went to my apartment, although she refused to go with me several times.


2 Set.  Yes guys, I recommend to go into ackward situations. It will make you stronger! No number, no facebook. No’s are part of the game. A No just keeps you one step away from a yes 🙂



A couple of hours before my private coaching in Berlin I walked along Kurfürstendamm and meet this German girl who had an interview for a hostess job. Unfortunately she did not live in Berlin (she drove home the same day), we wrote each other, but logistics did not make it possible to meet her again.


Student from Switzerland in my sparetime of my coaching week with a Swiss guy in Zurich. She was 17 years old, super shy, but very friendly. I went out of the set without a number.daygame_mats_dating_coach2

Dutch girl with Mexican origin. Meet her in Amsterdam in a shopping mall (my favourite place to approach girls, as they have time and shopping keeps them always in a good mood). Went for an instant coffee date. No time to meet her again. Our Amsterdam Daygame Bootcamp was more important.


Czech Republic girl I approached in Prague after our nightgame bootcamp. We went for a date close to my apartment around 5 p.m.


Student from Ghana. German-african. Went for an instant date in my brothers hometown Hamburg on my free weekend. It is good to meet your brother several times a year, keep up with family and reward yourself with some daygame 🙂 I met her the following day in a park (try out dates in areas where you feel comfortable, I love walking around). The date was very playful, we had fun and I invited her for dinner at home. Watched some series and she spent the night with me.

Mats Wolf