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Instant lay Kiev Mats Wolf Dating Coach

I love being in Kiev as there are so many natural beautiful girls walking in the streets. I arrived early morning and had a 1-to-1 coaching from 12 to 8. It was my 7th time in Kiev and I stayed another day there. I went out at 3 p.m. and this time it did not start so good. Due to the fact that all of the 5 girls I approached in the first hour could hardly speak a word of English. I just run under EV (= expected value in poker terms or the probability of speaking to 5 girls of whom none could speak English to have a conversation) which means I just had bad luck as 5 girls I approached did not speak any English. Unfortunately or let’s keep it positive, fortunately I had to continue approaching other girls during the day.

Over the years in pickup I learned to always have a positive vibe and to think of a positive outcome. There is always a reason for being in a situation like this I told myself, where all girls I approached this day could not speak English and this time the reason was my one night lay girl.

positive vibe is crucial

I met this stunning 20 year old Ukrainian girl, a student of management, who models occasionally in front of the Mall Gulliver. She had amazing green eyes, perfect tits and her ass reminded me of a lovely apple (pics attached). Her smile was amazing and she was so cute. She was the sixth girl I approached and there was no time to have more sets as we went for an instant date. She just finished work (flyering in the mall) and had free time to share with me… I approached her just around 500 metres from my apartment. So I took her to an instant date in a café nearby my apartment.

looking a girl deep in the eyes

I built up a sensual connection to her from the beginning by always looking her deep in the eyes (when I approached, at the way to the café and during our conversation) and we were mainly talking about funny things from school time. I made fun about her Russian English accent and that she is talking so serious with her strong voice. I told her about my trip around the world and she told that she likes travelling, too. As we had such a positive and dynamic vibe, I just started kissing her. I convinced her to go for another drink at my apartment and it happened what supposed to happen..

The most important thing if you are just a few days in a city for daygame:

always remember logistics

You will not have much time to meet girls. The instant date was just a 2 minutes walk from my flat and I could easily take the sweet girl home.

Some recommendations if you travel to Kiev:

I recommend to go out for daygame on Friday and Saturday mainly after 3 PM you might be lucky around lunchtime as well. There are lots of beautiful girls with nicely shaped bodies. In my opinion another good weekday is Thursday, but it is more quiet than the weekends. There is a nice spot called Arena City, where are mostly cafés and restaurants. It is built up like an antic arena. Furthermore Gulliver, it is very busy and very modern for Ukrainian standards and I met the most beautiful girls in or around the mall. Other good malls are Globus and Ukraina shopping mall. I had good experience meeting girls on Khreschatyk Street, Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard and around Maidan. If you google the spots, you will find them all in the main centre of Kiev.

keep approaching until you are satisfied

Always stay positive and keep approaching until you are satisfied with your results. Just bring more possibility (EV, expected value) of meeting and attracting beautiful girls in your life by approaching more than 5 girls when you are out. Sometimes you might be lucky and have an instant date before having approached 5.