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My favourite top 10 daygame cities worldwide 2# (rank 5 to 1)

Let’s get to the second part of my favourite cities for daygame worldwide.

5th rank Stockholm: A famous place for Northern European daygamers is the biggest city in Scandinavia. The percentage of blonde is definitely than in the rest of Europe. So if you are into blonde girls, visit Stockholm. At my very first visit, I was impressed by the friendliness of the girls I approached. They are very independent and like to go for instant dates. Sexual affairs and especially one night stands are normal for most girls. Unfortunately I went to Stockholm only twice with my best friend and wingman Bastian Bach. We had a great time there and will both both come back end October 2016 for our Daygame pua training bootcamp.

4th Los Angeles: Daygame on the beach? In Los Angeles it is possible and you will have a great time. Check out Long Beach and Santa Monica Beach. There are loads of malls and I love approaching on 3rd Street Promenade and in downtown Los Angeles. Girls are very chatty here and you can have a lot of fun with them. The lifestyle in California is great and there are amazing nightgame spots. Los Angeles is my favourite U.S. city for daygame.

3rd rank is Munich: I love being in Munich. You will see girls from everywhere, especially on Oktoberfest (not recommendable for daygame). I like to speak to girls on Viktualienmarkt and on the main busy shopping streets Neuhauser Straße and Kaufinger Straße. Bavarians girls are well-known for their kindness, simple beauty and hospitality. They carry on in the good old-fashioned way. As daygame is not very popular in Germany, you will have a higher success-rate for (instant) dates and follow-ups than in other European cities.

2nd London: Surprisingly my first spot it is not London, the most famous daygame city in the world. You will meet other daygamers in Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Camden Markets and Bond Street. London girls are stylish, trendy and love genuine compliments (like all women). You will meet stylish models in the famous shopping areas, like Carnaby and Covent Garden. London is full of life and thanks to the multicultural influences you will meet beautiful girls from all over the world. I am always happy to teach guys in a private 1:1 date coaching and on our monthly London Daygame bootcamps. In my opinion, every daygamer should have approached girls in London at least once in his life.

1st rank Warsaw my favourite Eastern European city: Warsaw is unique. A lot of beautiful girls with more than 260.000 students, brand-new shopping malls (great spots for daygame, especially in and around Zlote Tarasy, the “Golden Terraces” mall connected to the central train station), Mazowiecka street (the party street with lots of clubs and bars for nightgame) and nearly 2 Million people live in Warsaw. Combined with the outer Warsaw with the suburban areas the population is about 3 million people in this Eastern European city. Most Polish girls have amazing bodies (go to the gym regularly and eat good food), love foreigners and self-confident men, who know what they want. Daygame is still unpopular for guys, my favourite spot with great variety of beautiful girls.

I hope you enjoy some of my top 10 daygame cities on your journey. Leave me a message and I am looking forward to your feedback. Let me know your favourite cities for pickup and especially daygame.

2 Comments My favourite top 10 daygame cities worldwide 2# (rank 5 to 1)

  1. Jack Sparrow

    Interesting ranking. I’m planning to visit europe soon. Why do you prefer Warsaw so much over Prague? Have you had any experience in Budapest?

    1. Mats Wolf

      Hi Jack,
      living is much cheaper in Warsaw. There are also more group travels to Prague than Warswaw. I have been to Budapest on several bootcamps and private coachings. I prefer daygame in Budapest. Best spots in Poland are Krakov and Warsaw. Warsaw has beautiful girls, many huge shopping malls (perfect for daygame!) nightlife for nightgame is great too. Cheers, Mats Wolf


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