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How to PICKUP GIRLS? Be persistent with girls! Revolution Pickup

Good morning guys,

check out my EPIC new video about how to pickup girls! Always be persistent with girls!

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How to PICKUP GIRLS? Be persistent with girls! Revolution Pickup

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Hi guys, This is Mats Wolf from Revolution Pickup.
Today I am gonna talk about HOW to pickup hot girls..
First of all: there is no ultimate concept. You have to check out what suits best for you.
Let me tell you what suits best for me:
I once approached a sweet Czech girl from Prague in a shopping mall and we had an instant vibe. She was a good girl. She refused to an instant date several times (yes guys good girls do it and it is a good sign!), I think 5 times she refused until she agreed to go for an instant date. I saw her in a happy shopping mood and walking around on her own. As I was free the afternoon, the perfect situation to go for an instant date. Finally she agreed. And you know why? Not because I had fancy clothes neither I was super nice to her. She agreed because I was persistent and it ended in a same day lay. You can watch the video if you press the info card button on the right top here? After thousand and thousand of approaches I did myself, teaching thousands of guys how to pickup girls. I realised the best way for me, is to be persistent! To show true persistence, don’t give up, continue the conversation if you still feel that something is possible (her facebook, her number, an instant date or even more) with that girl.
I teach my students to be persistent, to be motivate until the end, sometimes you just have to push a little bit harder to get what you want!
Push a little harder as the average guy, show the girl your real intentions, no fuzzy blablabla you are beautiful, blablabla. Be honest, be yourself. An open and positive body language helps you to pick up beautiful girls. Also does strong eye contact. And just see what happens. Sometimes it is like a lottery. You never know if you hit the jackpot until you try and play.
An the most important thing, I teach my students, practice practice and just fucking practice.
It will take a while to become good at picking up girls, but it is worth it. You can trust me! Watch my videos and good luck to you! I wish you all the best!
I will give you the basic equipment, the skills to date and have sex with beautiful girls. It is like playing poker, golf or tennis. First you have to learn the techniques to improve your skills, then comes the fun part and you will be enjoying what you are doing if you are getting better and better every day.
I hope you enjoyed this video about how to pickup girls.
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Good luck on your daygame journey
Dating Coach Mats Wolf



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