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5 Simple Ways How to talk to girls daygame

Men’s interests in life are simple: sports, having a good job and especially girls, girls, girls. Yet only few men really know how to talk to girls. Let’s skyrocket your success with girls together!

Thus, my blog post covers 5 simple ways of how to talk to girls. I will underline some ways of talking with my newest EPIC youtube videos.

There are certain things you have to learn from successful dating coaches and once adapted will improve your dating life and relationship with women. This article is mainly focused on Daygame (a skillset how to talk to girls during the day, which is thank god, getting more popular and improves the dating life of men subsequently). At nightgame (a term for talking to girls in bars, clubs and nightlife areas) the way how you have to talk to girls is slightly different: more alpha, more touchy, more extrovert.

First way: Talk Funny

Talking to girls has to be FUN. Girls wants to have fun and it is great if you make their day more joyful. With being funny I do not mean to make a fool of yourself and tell her some funny pickup lines, you have just found in a pickup forum and learnt by heart. Being funny only works when you are spontaneous in the conversation with the girl. Check out my youtube video how to pick up models, when I talked to a cute blonde model in a shopping mall. It is mainly focused on the fun part. I made jokes about the village, where the cute blonde model might be living in, although I did not know if she was from a village. Minute 1:16 “You are from a small village with cows and horses…”. She was laughing and we had an instant vibe, which is crucial for a good conversation with a girl.

Funny but don’t make a fool out of yourself

2nd way: Talk honestly

A lot of guys struggle to be honest, although if once internalised as a social programme, it can move mountains. Conversations with beautiful girls, will be more relaxed and the girls knows exactly what it is all about. Many times, when I approach girls, they directly respond: I have a boyfriend, which I take as a good sign as the girls subconsciously knows already that I am interested in her. I usually reply something like I do not want to be your boyfriend” (subconciously I tell her with my reply that I want to be her lover!) and wait what will happen. Most of the times, the girls is confused by my honest answer and I continue the conversation. I always imagine why I talked to her in the first place, before I speak to her. I try to realise why I will talk to her in a second and tell her honestly why I stopped her. Girls love genuine and honest men, who do not go for dishonest indirect approaches (taught by the old daygame model) play the excuse me, where is the next post office? Your feedback will be much more positive, Trust me I approached several thousand girls and tried both, but luckly switched early to the direct approach.

An honest compliment breaks the ice.

3rd: Talk to girls in a friendly way

Especially during the day, be friendly and talk friendly to girls. I always teach my daygame students to be positive (have a positive appearance), with a friendly voice and you will automatically influence the girl. A friendly conversation with an honest compliment can make her day. Imagine her having a bad day and getting approached by a stranger in an unfriendly voice, will not make her day any better. Talking to girls should always have the purpose of giving value including the first 2 ways of the fun part conversation and being honest in the conversation with a girl.

In German we have a saying: “Wer ficken will, muss freundlich sein.” The English translation would be something like: If you want to have sex (“fuck”), you have to be friendly.”

4th way: Talk challenging to girls

A challenging conversation is a more advanced skillset and I recommend it, when you talked to several hundred girls before and also depending on your stage of development. If she tells you for example what she is studying, you might reply “How boooring…”, if you really find them boring. If she asks you “where you are from?” Just tell her the country and then challenge her by saying: “Do you know anything about my country?” This challenging question will make the conversation more interesting and is an easy way to continue the talk with her. Now it is her move and just

A good example of the challenge talk is my same day lay video with a gorgeous Czech student from Prague. I approached her in H&M while she was shopping and she asked me after a couple of minutes where I was from. So I replied: “I am from Germany. Do you know anything about Germany?” Watch my same day lay – how to get laid video on youtube in more detail from minute 4:23 onwards

5th way: the non-reactive and non-apologetic way of talking to girls

Sounds easy and if implementing is the key to success: “Never apologize and be non-reactive!” A lot of daygamer say it is awkward and apologize, if they talk to girls on the street, sober at daytime, in a bookstore, on the street, or somewhere else during the day)

Non apologetic: never apologize, there is no reason to do so. It makes you weak, why you talked to the girl in the first place then? Girls do not like beta males who apologise for interrupting them. When you talk to a girl, be confident and do not say you are sorry for stopping her.

Non reactive: girls will test you, if you mean what you say. You should not react weird with your answers or with your body for example by suprised body language.

I will give you a good example in this youtube video from min. 0:22, when I talked to a girl in a hurry. “Why are you speaking with me?!” My answer while smiling: “Why not!?”. I was non-reactive, non-apologetic and replied in a friendly and self-confident voice.

Summary: 5 ways of how to talk to girls

1. Funny

2. Honest

3. Friendly

4. Challenging (more advanced skillset)

5. Non reactive / Non apologetic

Of course there are many more ways of how to talk to girls. These five ways, I outlined will improve your conversation with any girl during daytime.

In the end it is all about communication (consciously or subconsciously). Girls are super sensitive human beings and can tell direct if you are shy self-confident, a player, honest, an alpha male. That’s why the use shit tests to see and find out if you mean what you say.

Remember key factors like body language (it is a kind of talking as well) and voice tonality (the first impression a girl gets from you). Both are covered in my post how to become an alpha male or in a shorter summary on my revolution pickup youtube channel.

Good luck guys.


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