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Infield Daygame Audio Simple Pickup Business Girl


Hey guys,

attached you can listen to my infield audio report, unfortunately I did not have my cameraman with me.

I just started my conversation on a sunny day with this lovely girl from Poland. I saw her from far away and she was totally my type: Beautiful face, perfect body and long skinny legs. A sweet polish business girl, a 9+ with a lot of charisma.

First I did an easy opener, like: “Hey, do you speak English?” I have good experience with this opener and it is a pre-selection of girls you can have a conversation with. This opener makes sense, when you approach woman in Eastern Europe, where still not every girl speaks English. I continued the talk with a compliment “You look really nice today” and followed direct with a statement about her: “You look like a french girl!” My voice tonality was friendly, but dominant.

Always be optimistic and focus on the positive vibe.

With this statement, she started investing in the conversation by justifying that she were a Polish girl. I introduced myself and she told me her name (Maria, but I understood Maja), which is also the name of my dog. We were both laughing about my joke and the vibe continued. Then she started asking questions about me (“reaching the hook point”) and I went on with statements (“You are a city guide” / “You are student” / “You are a business girl”). We were talking about her job and that she hated it. I did not let the negative vibe influence our conversation and just changed the topic.

Then she told me about her job in a french bank. I still remembered that I thought she was a french girl. It is always important to connect information, which you hear at the beginning and combine it with information you hear later. It gives the girl a feeling of importance and she will be feeling even more attracted to you.

I usually let girls talk most of the time and focus on maintaining strong, deep eye-contact.

At the end of the short conversation I closed strong “Let’s exchange numbers and go for a coffee one day.” (girls love Alpha guys who know what they want) I always try to go for the number and also their facebook. Always give the girls a missed call, while she is still there, as some might flake.

Good luck with your daygame sessions guys.


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