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New Youtube Video – 5 steps how to become an alpha male

Hey Guys,

I just released another youtube video.

5 simple steps of How to become an alpha Male

how-to-become-an-alpha-male-mats-wolf-daygame-dating-coach how-to-become-an-alpha-male-step-1-check-your-body-language how-to-become-an-alpha-male-step-2-train-your-voice how-to-become-an-alpha-male-step-3-know-your-strengths-and-weaknesses how-to-become-an-alpha-male-step-4-say-no how-to-become-an-alpha-male-step-5-be-yourself

My next blog post will be about How to talk to girls.

If you wanna read about the 5 steps in more detail check out my blogpost or book an epic daygame dating bootcamp in london. Other cities are available Europe-wide.

Enjoy your weekend and good luck on your pickup journey.


Mats Wolf

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